Thursday, April 21, 2011

10 Things to Do For Earth Day

Tomorrow, April 22nd, is Earth Day! Even if you aren't green year-round, you should just try it for a day to honor the Earth. 

1) Plant a tree -- you could do this in your backyard or look to see if your neighborhood or community is taking part in doing this. If you don't have a backyard, can't find a tree planting event in your community, or just don't want to plant a tree yourself, you can donate to the Earth Day Network for The Canopy Project (You can choose how much you want to donate. Only a dollar a tree!)

2) Don't take a shower! It saves water and money, if you absolutely have to take a shower, cut your water and time in half by multitasking

3) Speaking of showers, you can also go green (and have healthy hair) by trying the "No Shampoo" method (two great links here and here)

4) Ride your bike! Instead of burning gas, you can save money and the air by not driving for the day. Not really time efficient, so plan accordingly.

5) For Earth Day, Starbucks is offering free coffee and tea as long as you bring in your own reusable mug or tumbler (if you don't have one, they will be available for 20% off)

6) Unplug everything for the day! Even when you're not using plug-in appliances, if you leave them plugged in, they still draw energy into the outlet. Also since it's spring, it'll be a nice day outside (for most people, but still!) go outside and get some fresh air.

7) If it's too gloomy where you're at or you're in the mood to create things, DIY the clothes and accessories you don't wear anymore into clothes you will wear. Some of these sites also have a lot of DIY decor. (I've found a lot of great DIY's/DIY sites and here's some you can try out: outsapop, psimadethis. Fossil DIY blog, lovemaegan fashion DIY's/ home DIY's, becauseimaddicted has some DIY's you have to search for, chicsteals, witandwhistle, stylescrapbook has some DIY's you have to search for as well, honestlyWTF, CollegeFashion compiled a few DIY's to "beat the winter blues" but you could also do them for spring!, you could even use nature in your DIY's like in this article from Decor8)

8) Don't wear makeup, like in this article from College Fashion. It would save product, money, and time :)

9) Eat organic food and go to your local Farmer's Market for this because grocery stores don't really have "organic" food/produce (read an article here about organic foods)

10) Do some spring cleaning! It can really help brighten up and de-clutter your space and whatever you find that you don't need anymore (that isn't trash), you sell at a garage sale or take to your local Goodwill  or Salvation Army.

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