Thursday, January 20, 2011

Spring 2011 - How To

I'm loving the new looks all around for Spring 2011. Here I'm going to go over a basic overview of the new looks for the spring, some staples for this spring, and splurges and steals.

Overview of new Spring 2011 looks :
 The Seventies have made their way into the future for Spring 2011. You can create this look without looking like you came out of That 70's Show by simple pieces: high-waisted wide-leg pants, floaty tops, big bangles, oversized plaids, bright stripes, and denim shirts.

Orange is huge for Spring and I think it goes hand-in-hand with the Seventies look. Tip: If orange doesn't look
good with your skin tone, like mine, you can sneak it in your outfit with subtle hints of orange with jewelery, socks, sunglasses, and nail polish.

Bold Color
Desperate to get away from the blah colors of winter? Well you're in luck because bold color is in for Spring. Go even bolder by pairing two bold colors together.   

Chunky Platforms
Another hand-in-hand (or should I say foot-in-foot) look for the Seventies look. The platform in the front makes the height more comfortable because it doesn't put stress on your toes.

Maxi Skirts
Loosen up for the spring with maxi skirts! Go for a romantic theme with darker colors or go bohemian with different prints. Tip: If you're petite (like me) and skeptical about trying a maxi skirt, just wear heels!

Afraid to try that bold color look? or not into the bold color look? or maybe even looking for something to
pair the bold color piece with? Then try the neutral look; this look is fresh and definitely isn't boring.
A fresh take on an Eastern tradition has turned into a hot new look for Spring.

Staples for Spring 2011:

Splurges and Steals:
Splurges: Top|Right|Bottom       Steals:  Top|Right|Left

Splurges: Top Bag|Dress|Bottom Bag|Heels            Steals: Tank Top|Nail Polish|Tights|Bag

Splurges: Top|Right|Bottom      Steals: Top|Right|Left

Splurges: Top|Right|Left      Steals: Top|Bottom Right|Left

Splurges: White|Black|Tan|Gold|Black    Steals: Gray|Blue|White|Black|Cream


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