Sunday, January 30, 2011

Fashion Icon - Edie Sedgwick

Even with the many takes and how to get her look 's on the internet, I decided to still go on with my desire to make this post. I watched Factory Girl for the first time last week (I know, I know!), even though it came out 5 years ago, and I fell in love with the wardrobe Sienna Miller had to portray Edie Sedgwick. Before watching this, I knew a lot about the real Edie Sedgwick's style but I didn't realize how much of her style still lives on, even 40 years after her death.

When she was discovered by Andy Warhol, she had a style never seen before and that style continued with her until her death. She is known for her huge chandelier earrings, black tights, shirts worn as dresses, big eyelashes, and black eyeliner.

Edie Sedgwick's wardrobe basics:
(Even though these are all pretty expensive, I'll link them anyway)

Outfits Inspired by Edie Sedgwick:

(Note: I put two coats on here because the leopard one is well over $100, so I used an alternative for a tighter budget)

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