Friday, August 12, 2011

Outfits For Back to School

Since back to school is coming up soon (whether you're in high school or college; my old high school already started up yesterday while I start college back up on the 22nd) I figured I'd try to start posting more often again and what is better suited as a post than outfits for back to school

On the first day of school, you need clothing and accessories that you know you won't fuss with and won't break or stretch halfway through the day. Bring the cardigan just in case it gets cold in the classrooms and the arch supports are much needed when wearing flats.

90's Grunge-Chic
The blazer and the heels polish up the grungy-ness of the look while the earrings add a playfulness. 
Get into fall with brown accessories. The heels are small which are more comfortable than sky-high heels but make the look more put together.

If you're looking for a more in-the-now look, then pair a sheer maxi skirt with sky-high wedges, a roomy tote bag, and turquoise nail polish.


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