Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Getting Out of That Jeans and T-Shirt Rut

Let's face it, we all throw on a shirt and jeans and head out for whatever our day is. It's not the only way to stay warm in the cold weather, here are some ways to get out of the jeans and a t-shirt rut and still be warm.

Sweater tights will keep you warm while the boots are an unexpected purple, are practical because they're flat, and will also keep you warm with the faux fur lining.

Harem pants are a great alternative (also more comfortable) to jeans.
The socks and gloved definitely make up for the sheer tights in the cold weather.


  1. these r great looks for getting out of that rut. so many people think that other combos wont be as comfy but these ones so are and so much more stylish.

  2. nice to know your blog :)love them all :)