Friday, January 21, 2011

Homemade Mask for acne prone/oily skin

I tried this last night and I am so loving this.

I was looking through the internet for homemade masks with strawberries because I know that they are packed with antioxidants and apparently a natural source of salicylic acid and my skin is extremely picky about what I clean it with. I found this mask but I tweaked it a little. It said that it made enough for two people, so I made less and didn't use the egg whites. Here's my version:

  • 2 fresh strawberries
  • 1/2 of a lemon
  • 1 tablespoon of honey
  • 1 bowl or Tupperware 
Step One: Cut the tops off of the strawberries and then mash them up (I used a potato masher)
Step Two: Get as many seeds out of the 1/2 lemon as you can and then squeeze the juice into the bowl/Tupperware with the strawberries
Step Three: Heat the 1 tablespoon of honey in the microwave for 10 seconds (BE CAREFUL! It's hot! Trust me, I accidentally burned myself on it last night; it's literally hot syrup) and mix it in the bowl with the strawberries and lemon juice
Step Four: Let it cool off for a few seconds (the strawberries I used were cold so it didn't take long)
Step Five: If you haven't washed your face, do so with your normal cleanser and then after you washed your face thoroughly, spread the mask on your face (it's pretty messy, so the juice of the whole mixture is fine). Leave on your face for 10 minutes.
Step Six: After your 10 minutes is up, wash it off and your skin should be really soft!
Optional: If you wanted to take it further to dry up pimples, I used aspirin (ibuprofen will work fine) + a little water as a spot treatment. Just ground the aspirin (or ibuprofen) and use a few drops of water to work into a paste and then put it on the trouble pimples you want to dry up.

I woke up this morning expecting my face to be oily as usual and it wasn't! My skin is still as soft as it was last night. Enjoy :)

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