Friday, January 21, 2011

Links for the Week of January 21st, 2011

A Charlie Chaplin inspired engagement photoshoot -- so cute!

Would you try this? A paint and peel nail polish so you never have to use polish remover again.

Um, ow! German designer Patrick Mohr had his models go down the runway with their mouths literally glued shut and eyebrows plastered over.

I am loving the January lookbook for Free People.

A new way (well maybe not so new) to DIY your jeans.

Are we too obsessed with facebook? This infographic has statistics that will shock you as well as not shock you so much.

This vest over at Refinery29 is so cute! Except I'd get it in faux shearling.

It's a given that sunglasses are an accessory as well as protecting your eyes, but these sunglasses take the accessory to a whole new level!

You know Padma Patil in Harry Potter, right? Unfortunately the actress, Afshan Azad, "...was punched, dragged by her hair and threatened with death by her big brother..." because he found out that she was dating a non-Muslim man according to E!Online. :(

Fashionologie has the scoop on Oscar de la Renta criticizing Michelle Obama for wearing Alexander McQueen to the State Dinner.

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